About Contractor Management

Contractors working on the Lower South Creek Treatment (LSCT) program must first register in the Sydney Water Contractor Management System.

The online system underscores the Sydney Water commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone on our sites and programs.

It allows contracting companies to self-register in the online system by entering their company details and requested documents (including insurances and licences) relevant to the work you do on the LSCT program.

Contractors will also register and book their employees into inductions that must be completed to access program sites.

The system allows Sydney Water to manage a shared duty of care on site.


Pegasus connects a competent workforce. They manage the Contractor Management System on behpegasus_logo_rgb_web-copyalf of Sydney Water.

The complete Pegasus workforce management solution:

  • provides immediate access to data on the workforce
  • manages all training and inductions
  • administers compliance and pre-qualification documents
  • manages the qualifications and competency, including licences and medicals, of all workers on a project
  • awards accreditation upon successful completion of inductions and assessments
  • provides tools for audit, investigation and inspection of businesses and workers
  • offers online and call centre support
  • manages contractor performance over term of their contract

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The Registration Process

The Sydney Water Contractor Management process is completed for Lower South Creek Treatment program contractors in two parts: company registration and employee registration.

We suggest you read through the steps below before you get started and allow yourself time to source and upload the information about your company and employees who will work on the LSCT program.

User guides with screenshots can be found on the FAQs and Documents page.

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Let’s get started!

Company registration

Step 1 > Register your business

The Sydney Water Contractor Management System can be found here >>

LSCT program contractors should select Register and:

> Search for your company’s name to request a new login, or choose to add your company and search by your ABN.

> Complete your registration request by filling in your company details (name, address, ABN and contact details).

> Submit these details and, on approval, you’ll be emailed your new user name and password to login.

Step 2 > Register your business details

Using your new details, login to the Sydney Water Contractor Management System >>

Select apply to follow the process to register your company, which includes entering your address, contact details and ABN, and selecting the insurances and licences your company can supply to support your registration. More information about the required documents can be found on the FAQ’s and Documents page.

Step 3 > Upload insurances and licences

You’ll next be prompted to upload copies of the licences and insurances you selected in Step 2 for verification.

On successful verification, you’ll be emailed that your business registration is complete.

To complete your registration, you will next register your employees, purchase their site access cards, and book their inductions. Expand the section below.


Worker registration and induction bookings

Step 1 > Login to the Sydney Water Contractor Management System >> 

Select to Manage Employee Data and then Add Employee. Complete the details about your employee, and Save.

Step 2 > Click Process next to the employee’s name to Select Roles they’ll complete on the LSCT program. Save to have their card processed and sent.

Step 3 > The system will prompt you to upload evidence of their qualifications to work in the role/s you’ve selected, including a photo for their ID card.

Step 4 > As you’ve selected work role/s, corresponding training has also been chosen. Now you can book the inductions your employees must complete to work on the LSCT program. Select the training, add to cart and proceed to checkout (registration and induction bookings are free for LSCT program contractors).

Step 5 > Pegasus will review your worker’s registration and training request, and on approval, you’ll be emailed details about how they can complete their training.



FAQs and Documents

System documents

Click to open the associated PDF:


Click to open the associated form:

Helpful resources

This Knowledge Base includes steps to help an administrator check company compliance, search for and edit employees, run reports on competencies or work hours, and create users, among other helpful tips. This process can be completed in Onsite, the Pegasus software that powers the Sydney Water contractor management system.

Complete and return this form if you have a new worker who is already registered to a different company in the system, and you need them added to your company. Workers can be removed from your company by an administrator directly in the system. Instructions on how to complete this process are available under the End Employment sub-heading of this page: https://kb.pegasus.net.au/display/OCCS/Person

Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I know if I need to register my company and employees in the Contractor Management System?

Contractors working on the Lower South Creek Treatment program are currently required to register in the Sydney Water Contractor Management System. They must also ensure their employees are registered and have the correct inductions before coming to work on the program.

Contractors cannot work on site without being registered in the system. Please click Register/Login at the top of this page to go to the system.

2. What certifications must a contracting company hold to register in the system?

  • be registered as a business for tax purposes in Australia
  • have a minimum $20 million Public & Product Liability Insurance (in respect of each and every occurrence and unlimited in aggregate for any one period of cover)
  • have a minimum $10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance (where applicable)
  • have Statutory Workers Compensation insurance for all employees (where applicable)
  • hold Company Operational Licences as relevant to services provided

3. How much does company and employee registration cost?

LSCT program contractors will not be charged for company or employee registration in the Sydney Water Contractor Management System.

4. What benefit does the Contractor Management System have for my company?

Registration ensures you’re qualified to work on the LSCT program. It allows you to keep all of your company information up to date in one place online, and to update your documents as required. The Sydney Water Contractor Management System allows you and your employees to work on the LSCT program.

5. Who do I contact if I have questions about the Contractor Management System?

If you have questions about the LSCT program, please contact the Sydney Water team on

If you have questions about your use of the Sydney Water Contractor Management System, please contact the team at Pegasus during business hours:

Phone 1300 305 072

Email lsct@pegasus.net.au