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This Knowledge Base includes steps to help an administrator check company compliance, search for and edit employees, run reports on competencies or work hours, and create users, among other helpful tips. This process can be completed in Onsite, the Pegasus software that powers the Sydney Water contractor management system.

Complete and return this form if you have a new worker who is already registered to a different company in the system, and you need them added to your company. Workers can be removed from your company by an administrator directly in the system. Instructions on how to complete this process are available under the End Employment sub-heading of this page:

Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I know if I need to register my company and employees in the Contractor Management System?

Contractors working on the Lower South Creek Treatment program are currently required to register in the Sydney Water Contractor Management System. They must also ensure their employees are registered and have the correct inductions before coming to work on the program.

Contractors cannot work on site without being registered in the system. Please click Register/Login at the top of this page to go to the system.

2. What certifications must a contracting company hold to register in the system?

  • be registered as a business for tax purposes in Australia
  • have a minimum $20 million Public & Product Liability Insurance (in respect of each and every occurrence and unlimited in aggregate for any one period of cover)
  • have a minimum $10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance (where applicable)
  • have Statutory Workers Compensation insurance for all employees (where applicable)
  • hold Company Operational Licences as relevant to services provided

3. How much does company and employee registration cost?

LSCT program contractors will not be charged for company or employee registration in the Sydney Water Contractor Management System.

4. What benefit does the Contractor Management System have for my company?

Registration ensures you’re qualified to work on the LSCT program. It allows you to keep all of your company information up to date in one place online, and to update your documents as required. The Sydney Water Contractor Management System allows you and your employees to work on the LSCT program.

5. Who do I contact if I have questions about the Contractor Management System?

If you have questions about the LSCT program, please contact the Sydney Water team on

If you have questions about your use of the Sydney Water Contractor Management System, please contact the team at Pegasus during business hours:

Phone 1300 305 072